About Us

Sportsmanship. Dedication. Integrity.

How It Started

EGP All-Star Cheer was founded by single-mother Tiffany LaShá, inspired by her daughter, Bella Amore. When the pandemic hit in 2020, many cheer organizations shut their doors or switched to virtual cheer. Bella Amore was devastated. Frustrated with the waning options for her daughter to further develop as an athlete, and most importantly, continue in the sisterhood and community she gained through cheering, Tiffany decided to start a cheer team. With the support of other like-minded parents, she began looking for a gym to occupy when the timing was right. Prayers were answered. Tiffany was blessed with the opportunity to lease space with an established gym. Together with her daughter, parents, and close friends, EGP All-Star Cheer began its first season with 17 athletes. 

Despite being new to the world of competitive cheerleading, the team had a phenomenal season, placing first or second in every competition, and ultimately ending their season as 7th in the nation. Going into their second season, EGP All-Star Cheer had a HUGE turnout for tryouts, ending with three full teams. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the coaches, parents, and athletes. What started strong is only getting stronger…

Founder and Owner Tiffany LaShá & daughter Bella Amore
More than just cheer

Founded in Faith

As a strong believer, Founder and Owner Tiffany LaShá understands that without Christ, nothing is possible. This belief is reflected in everything the team does, including prayer and affirmation at every practice. 

Noting her athletes are of color in a predominantly white sport, Tiffany states, “It’s important for them to know they can do anything with faith.” The scripture ‘no weapon formed against us shall prosper’ (Isaiah 54:17) is the team mantra, guiding and inspiring them through every individual and/or team challenge. Despite being a new and minority-owned organization, EGP All-Star Cheer stands strong in faith and belief that as long as Jesus is the center, they cannot lose.